Nick Tillinghast Photography

I offer custom designed wedding albums as part of some my collections.  Having a physical album of your special day to have forever is important.  In an age where everything is digital, the treasure of prints and albums is taking a backseat to digital copies.  Computers can fail and DVD’s can become unreadable.  Preserving your images in a wedding album is the best way to relive your special day for years to come.  My wedding albums can be upgraded with multiple styles and unlimited options.  Here are some images from my standard and most popular albums I include in some of my collections.

Album 1.2

Every spread is custom designed by me.  The smaller album is perfect for gifting to parents or taking with you anywhere to show off your special day.  These albums can be custom tailored to your specific wants and needs.  Shown above is the linen covered album.  Albums are available in either leather or linen in a wide variety of colors.  Some of my couple like to add an album of their engagement shoot as well.

Album 2.1