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I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, but welcome traveling anywhere to get rad images.   I love coffee – A LOT.  I’m a foodie.  I love trying strange foods that most people would cringe at the thought of.  The worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is fermented bean curd aka stinky tofu.  Besides trying terrible things I also enjoy a great steak and anything with bacon.  I grew up in a restaurant and consider myself a good cook.  I make a mean pizza and delicious freshly baked bread.

My favorite pastime is watching horror movies.  I attend festivals annually to nerd out and be with my “people”.   Halloween is my favorite holiday, not only for the candy but there’s always a horror movie marathon.   Dressing up is fun too and I’ve been Alex from “Clockwork Orange” more than any other costume.  Aside from horror movies I love movies in general.  People are always impressed by my extensive DVD collection.  Top current three movies are “The Thing”, “Amelie” and “2001 A Space Odyssey”.

My home in Phoenix, Arizona is filled so much love thanks to my wife and daughter who are my entire existence.  My wife (who is beautiful inside and out) has found her calling as a hairstylist and my daughters are the best things to ever happen to me.  I’m definitely meant to be a father.  I consider myself a grown child.  I love kids and am always learning so much by watching and photographing them during weddings and portrait sessions.

What I enjoy most about being a photographer is capturing the laughter the tears and the unexpected moments that happen in between.  My favorite style in which to capture images is photojournalism.  I prefer real and raw vs posed and fake.

Amber 2011_08

About me according to my wife…….  Isn’t she pretty.

Amber 2011_04

“My hubby is such a multifaceted type of guy.  His favorite color he would say is dark black and he loves technical/metalcore music as well as dark, twisted horror movies.  He equally enjoys getting on the floor and playing in our daughter’s dollhouse while listening to Tori Amos or Peter Gabriel.  He is open to trying whatever new things come to him on a whim.

If I could take a peek inside my hubby’s heart, I’m sure a large part of it would contain a camera combined with all of the people he has photographed.  He has always had his hand in some type of artistic medium including painting, drawing, sculpting, and drumming just to name a few.  Next to myself and his three daughters, I would say his biggest joy is capturing special moments in people’s lives.

His eyes light up when he walks into someone’s house and sees his photography on display.  It is obvious from his portfolio that he is an all around talented guy.  I have to say though, he does possess a special gift when it comes to working with children.  They are instantly drawn to him and likewise he is quite fond of them as well.

If you have chosen Nick to photograph you, I would say you have excellent taste.  Expect a special experience free from any attitude or cockiness.  I know he will listen attentively to all of your wants and needs and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.”

Amber Tillinghast

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